So, You are definitely wondering who is behind this project. 
Let’s dive into it a little now.

The idea started when Janno listened to a podcast talking about a new great opportunity for NFT. It was a cold month in February, when it fell on his ears. He began research and acquired the first NFT, which was Hashmarks. At the time, his picture cost about $ 2,500. At that moment, he thought of nothing but that he did not want to miss this opportunity, and after a successful purchase, he continued his daily business.

He went to see his picture from time to time and at one point noticed that the price of the picture had risen sharply. This, however, aroused great interest in him, and he began to research them more.

In a conversation with several successful friends who sometimes hang around in Monaco Yachts from time to time to watch F1, he realised that NFT is the future.

From that moment, nftVegas started.

Janno has been in business since 2014. He’s a professional Photoshop and Illustrator since 2009 and he has also been making music and filming and editing videos since 2003. Until now, his daily work has been professional business consulting. He has found tens of thousands of customers for a large number of companies and generated turnover of millions of euros worldwide.

When the pandemic broke out, he began to have more time left. As a result, he also had more time to deal with things like crypto and nft.

As he also has a considerable level of programming and experiences with management skills of more than 2,000 people, he believes that if seriously dedicated to a project, there is basically 99.99% possibility to succeed.

He is very conscientious and he always does his best to ensure that no one is disappointed in him. He believes that everyone who trusts him is in the right hands.

Passionate about learning new exciting things, he believes that even the impossible is somehow possible. As he himself always says, “If no one has done it yet, we will.”

You will find him on Discord, he loves to teach and find solutions so make sure to say to him “hello!