The beginning of the story:

nftVegas is a collection community where people can create the environment they like best. The idea started purely from research and became experimentation – experimentations became projects. Behind this project are several skilled IT professionals, graphic designers and managers who put their heads together to create a project by using their knowledge and skills.

nftVegas’ first project consists of 8,888 unique images and will be the foundation. A total of 8 different projects are coming. All projects will be unique in their own way, but the former projects will always be a model for promoting others.

Later, once the foundation is in place, we will begin strong development in a Metaverse environment. 
Our idea is to create galleries, meeting places and lounges on Metaverse platforms selected by our community. Everyone who is in the beginning gets their name written on the creation of something very interesting.

In addition, we also engage in charity and contribute a large percentage of the funds raised to change our real world.

We believe that our project will be of great value in the next 3-5 years.

Together we decide how to build everything. Why not save some dogs from the dog meat market or clean the ocean from plastic? Or we can also plant 10,000 new trees for example. You help to decide what changes we make!


Short nft explanation video:

Purpose of creation:

Watch a short video to better understand our project.

In the next project, we will give all the nftVegas collectors the opportunity to vote for new charity projects etc.

PS! All upcoming projects have a similar roadmap which is displayed after the project is dropped.

If you have any questions, you can probably find the answer in the FAQ section /or ask at discord.

Sneak peek to collections:

ShibaChild (Project nr #1)

Why do we use a Shiba Inu baby dog in our first project? In fact, the answer is quite simple - firstly, our first charity project is about dogs. We are giving some amount of money to fight against the dog meat market. And secondly, we are already thinking about creating value for our first collectors. Shiba Inu is very popular at the moment and we believe that it will probably stay that way in the future. Imagine Shiba Inu in Metaverse, it fits the topic so well.

Coming soon... (Project nr #2)

To be announced...



We are using number 8 as much as possible in all of our 8 projects. For example, if you look at any image, the size of the pen blade in each image is 8, 18, 28, 38, or 58. There are 8,888 unique images in our first collection of which, the exclusive are 800 and the most exclusive are the very last 88 pictures. The number 8 is an infinity number – a number that symbolises the eternal change of the world in the project we create.

Our goal is to have such an impact numerically that it will be felt in several hundred or even thousands of years. Each person who enlarges their collection with these nft’s, will amplify each number 8 by how many number 8’s were used to create that image. All for one reason – to send overwhelming signals to the heart of the galaxy to change the future of this planet and the entire universe.

The symbol number 8, or infinity, will be in everyone’s eyes for many years to come. 8 different collections coming!

ShibaChild is just the beginning. It will give all the collectors(owners) future possibilities in huge projects. We are already building up something regarding to Metaverse that nobody yet has done. Announcement for everything will be happening after sold-out.