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Please note that none of the FAQs written are financial advice and everyone must take financial decisions 100% by themselves with common sense.

Project explanations

The problem in the NFT world today is about the same as in the crypto world – thousands of projects and images come out every day, but none of them have a direct purpose.

Here’s an example, if you buy a beautiful picture that was drawn by someone in 2021 – why did you do it? Because this picture was beautiful? You could have just taken a screenshot and saved it on your computer.

The question is not in the picture today, but the question is what will happen in 5-10 years. How much does it cost, why this picture, etc…

Why does the Mona Lisa in the country cost so much? Millions of pictures in the world have been painted at the same time, but they are not so expensive alone. Because there’s value behind it. There’s someone behind it who created value for it. It’s unique. There is a project or some added value behind it.

That’s what we do. We spend 100% of our profits on the project and market it. We are entering Metaverse and we still have a lot of things to come about that we are not yet allowed to talk about because of the contracts. We have a great team and smart people, and we will be doing great things soon.

Make also sure to do your well research when buying other NFT projects because buying wrong one can face you with lawsuit. See more info here.

When Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook, he also had to beat the MySpace, Orkut, Yahoo, MSN messenger and many other social media platforms. He came from nowhere and was beating the world. The same did TikTok, Elon Musk with Tesla and so on – so, if there are some projects like The Sandbox, Bored Apes or what ever amazing projects, that does not mean that there is no room for newcomers.

We will make the difference because if people hear about our goals, everyone wish them to be at the beginning.

Why this first 8,888 NFT collectables are so important? If you DON’T have at least 1 of those pictures in your wallet, you WILL NOT have access to the private discord channel in the future. You can join the channel ONLY if you prove yourself with signing in with your wallet. In backstage we will discuss about upcoming projects and also about how to improve our community purpose/metaverse/games etc.

That means, if you want to join later after sold out, you MUST buy the NFT from someone who made the decision before it was too late. 

If you want to TEST (for example) our metaverse game 6-12 months before others, then you MUST have at least 1 of those 8,888 nft in your wallet.

Let’s go even crazier – IF you WANT to secure your next NFT or game land (or what ever we will launch) before others then there is possibility for whitelisting. Whitelisting means that you will make the transaction with your wallet but you will not get the NFT before it will launch. After the launch counts it down to start, you are the FIRST who will have the opportunity to buy next NFT. That means, the importance of the first 8,888 will grow even bigger because if you want to be in whitelist (before others), you need to have this 1 in your collection.

This is not the financial advice but, that will skyrocket the value of the first NFT to the center of the Galaxy and back.

Because we have the contract that we can’t speak out before it’s sold out. That way all people are equal, we can’t attract anyone. We do not want to make empty promises.

You can mint up to 40 NFT with one transaction. If you want to have more than 40 NFT in your wallet, you must mint once again.

Because we are also giving people the opportunity who see the potential at the very beginning.

The high limit 40 will be only with first nft collection. Next limits are 25 or even below.

Because Metamask is the most popular wallet, and if we have to add more wallets, it will take more time. We will do it in the future.

We have all our financial needs planned and we do not ask for a cent more than we actually need for certain projects. We are building 8 projects and when these collections are sold out, you can be absolutely sure that something very big and important will come out from here.

Here are benefits in future for people, who have at least one of 8,888 first nfts in their wallet.

✅ Private Discord channel with backstage information.
✅ Right to vote for upcoming nft project.
✅ Right to vote for upcoming charity.
✅ Right to draw and join nft contest.
✅ Priority join to future projects.
✅ Whitelisting to future nft projects.
✅ Metaverse game testing.
✅ Opportunity to advertise gallery on metaverse.
✅ Discounts on merch store.
✅ NFT avatar in game.
and many other things…

In our opinion, the information in Discord private channel is most important. Because right information in early right time can be beneficial very huge way in long term.

Minting is happening in Ethereum block, but it goes thru the Polygon Matic. 

So, you need Polygon Matic crypto for minting.

PS! This is not financial advice!

We recommend you to sell at least double the price you bought, so then we keep floor price higher. So when the first price was 5.05 MATIC, then we recommend it to sell for 10.05 MATIC. Raise your price according to selling process.
See price list below.  

1. 1000 – 5.05 MATIC : Recommended selling price 10.05 MATIC
2. 1000 – 6.85 : sell 12.85
3. 1000 – 8.65 : sell 15.65
4. 1000 – 10.46 : sell 19.15
5. 1000 – 14.07 : sell 28.01
6. 1000 – 15.87 : sell 31.17
7. 1000 – 17.67 : sell 35.11
8. 1000 – 18.04 : sell 38.19
9. 800 – 21.64 : sell 45.01
10. 88 – 36.07 : sell 79.88

PS! When whole collection is sold out, We recommend you do not sell 1 ShibaChild collectable under 79.88 MATIC. Our team is doing hard work to bring the value even higher but the floor price is mostly depending on sellers.

See the list in Ethereum:

1. 1000 – 0.0028 eth : recommended selling price 0.0056 eth
2. 1000 – 0.0038 : 0.0076
3. 1000 – 0.0048 : 0.0096
4. 1000 – 0.0058 : 0.0116
5. 1000 – 0.0078 : 0.0156
6. 1000 – 0.0088 : 0.0176
7. 1000 – 0.0098 : 0.0196
8. 1000 – 0.01 : 0.02
9. 800 – 0.012 : 0.024
10. 88 – 0.02 : 0.04

Unfortunately, there is no way we can tell you, but we can speculate on it. In our opinion, it is already a win if you get your funds back or even double it. Of course, we believe that we will reach several hundred dollars, but if we look at the projects of the future, we can reach several thousand.

Price is actually depending on holders. If nobody sells, the price will rise very fast. So, longer you hold, higher it goes.

Other questions

In the past, pictures were painted and sold by artists and agency, but today we use modern technologies aka computers. But there comes up one big problem: how do you make sure no one screenshot your picture and says that they made it? To prevent this, there is now possibility to encrypt your art in block chain, where you will have the code that proves that you own this image. The code is not replaceable, there is not possible to duplicate or steal it without any permissions – We call it NFT (Non-fungible Token). Most of the NFT’s are in Etherum blockchain but there are also Solana, Binance and many other blockchains available. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain).[1] NFTs can be associated with easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items (analogous to a certificate of authenticity. NFTs use blockchain technology to provide a public proof of ownership. Copies of the original file are not restricted to the owner of the NFT, and can be copied and shared like any file. The lack of interchangeability (fungibility) distinguishes NFTs from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Source: Wikipedia

Yes, we have metaverse in our schedule and we believe that we will build something very huge up in the future.

We can’t comment this but it is possible. 

On the current date, December 2021 we have 7 members. IT specialists and graphic designers. 

Go to Discord and find general or help channel. You can ask anything and probably someone of the team members will reply.

We start to send gifts out after minting for collection is done. We also keep you updated about how to register your contact address for receiving the gift.

Keep in mind that you need to verify yourself with your wallet for receiving gift.

  • We end gifts worldwide.
  • Only gift box per person. (So, if you mint 40x nft, you will receive 1x box.)

You will find out when you receive it.

How to...

First of all, go to minting page. Then make sure your Metamask is in right network. It should connect automatically to minting engine.

  1. Select amount you want to mint.
  2. Click red button “Mint XX ShibaChild for XXX MATIC”
  3. Wait till Metamask appear

Here you can find all the details.


That can happen when data & images are uploaded to IPFS. OpenSea has sometimes problems with getting data from the network.

We use IPFS for your own security reasons. First of all, in IPFS there are pictures more secured because they will not exist in someones server and also you can be sure that after purchase nobody starts to change the image.

See the article HERE.

IPFS is sometimes slower than normal web hosting because IPFS speed depends on computers online where the data pieces are holded. Try to refresh metadata when logged in to OpenSea. If this won’t help, please contact us.

See tutorial here.

You can also check your NFT by coping contract address with nft number and adding it to your metamask wallet. See the video how to do it.
If your nft still not showing, please contact us!

If you don’t see all your images after revealing them after minting, please load images again. See video:

Yes. This can happen due to blockchain. This has happened before and can be happen until the minting is complete.

Unfortunately, if an error occurs in the blockchain, we can’t fix it. 

We have 23 NFT’s with defect (Let’s call them super rare) that we found out after release. Defect was created by computer layer issue. Those are NFTs with Bone, Matchete and broken leg. We will cover this for all minters with free 2x NFT from our next projects. If needed, we can buy them back from collectors with the price the NFT was minted.


It is easy, just fill the blank areas here, follow us on at least 3 social media platforms and wait the information. We will let you know how and who won.

This case is right now still open but probably it will be our second NFT collection. We will inform you and others in our social media platforms like Twitter and Discord.

Make sure to follow us on all platforms (Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Facebook & Telegram).

1 follow = 1 chance winning. That means, if you follow on 3 social media platforms out of 5, then you have 3 times bigger possibility to win.

Winner will be chosen randomly by computer and there is nothing to do with writing us and begging for win. 

No. In order to WIN iPhone 13, you must be in our Discord channel & also follow at least in 2 other social media platforms (for example Twitter & Instagram)

The opportunity to win NFT is only for people who own at least one of 8,888 nft (even if this is gifted for you). So, you DON’T have to buy it but you need to have proof of one in your wallet when computer chooses you.

You have to be 18+ or adult according to your country law.