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Here you can find all the details and FAQs about Family Membership.

Please note that none of the FAQs written are financial advice and everyone must make financial decisions 100% by themselves with common sense.

Project explanations

Family membership gives you similar opportunities to ShibaChild on being part of our upcoming projects (Except whitelisting.)

– future NFT projects.
– metaverse testing.

Please note that Family members can only be part of Phase 2 testing.

Shiba owners always have a privilege to Phase 1. Also opportunity for opinion on future projects.

There will be 2888 collectibles in total.

We will release metadata 60 days after minting or if minting is compleeted. After that you can go to your OpenSea NFT page and refresh your metadata on the right upper corner next to web links.

In order to get early access for beta testing, whitelisting 2.0 and more, you need to have at least one Family NFT in your wallet.

You can mint up to 1 NFT with one transaction. Every 30 days after publication every wallet has the opportunity to mint one extra NFT.

Conclusion: if you mint one NFT today, you are able to mint a second NFT after 30 days. After the next 30 days (60 days after publication) you are able to mint another NFT (if) there is anything left.

IF you mint your first time after 30 days of publication, you are able to mint 2 at a time.

Most of the people see this as an opportunity to get NFT for flipping them. As they are going to do it anyway, we try to minimize it because it goes against our purpose.

We need to keep in mind that this NFT purpose is to build family community but we can’t hold people back from making money through NFT flipping.

Because Metamask is the most popular wallet, and if we have to add more wallets, it will take more time and financial resources. 

Because We want to see you smile.

You need to have Polygon Matic to cover your gas fees. Later on, it depends on the aftermarket like OpenSea.

We can’t discuss the future prices because this will be chosen by our members but we estimate the value to 0.1eth for floor price.

We can’t discuss the future prices because this will be chosen by our members but we estimate the value to be one NFT at least 0.1eth for floor price in the next 5 years.

How to...

First of all, go to the minting page. Then make sure your Metamask is in the right network. It should connect automatically to the minting engine.

  1. Select the amount you want to mint (it can be only 1 at first month).
  2. Click the red button “Mint” 1 Vegas Family for 0 Matic. Wait till Metamask appears.
  3. Sign and pay for gas fees.
  4. Sign and pay for gas fees.

Here you can find all the details.


That can happen when data & images are uploaded to IPFS. OpenSea has sometimes problems with getting data from the network.

We use IPFS for your own security reasons. First of all, in IPFS there are more secured pictures because they will not exist in someone’s server and also you can be sure that after purchase nobody starts to change the image.

See the article HERE.

IPFS is sometimes slower than normal web hosting because IPFS speed depends on computers online where the data pieces are holded. Try to refresh metadata when logged in to OpenSea. If this won’t help, please contact us.

See tutorial here.

You can also check your NFT by coping contract address with nft number and adding it to your metamask wallet. See the video how to do it.
If your nft still not showing, please contact us!

If you don’t see all your images after revealing them after minting, please load images again. See video:

Yes. This can happen due to blockchain. This has happened before and can happen until the minting is complete.

Unfortunately, if an error occurs in the blockchain, we can’t fix it.

nftVegas will keep rights to edit or add information any time.